Logroño, Spain, 1981.
Lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico.

Ana Montiel paints color fields that ebb and flow across her canvases, conveying musings about consciousness and spirituality. Mimicking radiant light, her paintings serve as portals to heightened states of perception and altered states of consciousness.

Her practice can be defined as a reflection on the limits of human experience, questioning the solidity of our perception and delving into ideas borrowed from neuroscience and other disciplines, like the premise that reality is nothing but a collective and controlled hallucination. For Montiel, altered states of consciousness are tools to go beyond the easily perceived, but she also embraces “normal waking state” ways of working.

With her works, Montiel opens windows onto a world that topples us and shoves us towards new prophetic dimensions, dimensions of the infinite and unknown. She considers herself a “mapper of the unconscious”.



Selected Exhibitions

INITIATION, OMR, Mexico City, Mexico
Form Follows Energy (Group), LagoAlgo, Mexico City, Mexico
How Rest the Brave, Nest, The Hague, Netherlands

Espirito Camminante (Group), Archivo Colectivo, Mexico City, Mexico

Echo, Ago Projects in collaboration with joségarcía,mx, Mexico City, Mexico
Echo: Le temps ne coule plus. Il jaillit, NADA Miami 2020 with Peana Projects, USA
Invitation (Invitación), Aparador Cuchilla, Mexico City, Mexico
Resistance of the Sleepers, UCCA Dune Museum, Beidaihe, China
Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, FF projects in collaboration with joségarcía ,mx, Monterrey, Mexico

Polyphonies of Perception (the things we thought we saw together),  joségarcía ,mx , Mexico City, Mexico
BLUE MONDAY, Estudio Aldo Chaparro, Mexico City, Mexico
PRIMA MATERIA, Peana Off-Site, Gardiner, USA

INNER SUN (Fanum no.1),  josegarcia ,mx gallery, Merida, Mexico
SECRET 7”, The Jetty at Greenwich Peninsula, London, UK
FIELDS, Sala Amós Salvador. Logroño, Spain

FIELDS at Gran Salon México, Garash Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico
FIELDS: Inner Monuments, Aparador Cuchilla at Aldo Chaparro’s studio, Mexico City, Mexico
CAMMINANDO SULL’ACQUA, Machete Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico

Artist Residencies

Art Residency and exhibition at Residency Unlimited (with the support of The Rockefeller Foundation & Peana Projects NY)


UTSW – University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center