Desert Flood
Claudia Comte, Gabriel Rico, SUPERFLEX
Curated by Jérôme Sans & Cristobal Riestra
February 10th-July, 2023

Born after the health crisis of Covid-19, LagoAlgo is a space resulting from a period of radical questioning on our ways of life and their consequences. Focused on current socio-ecological issues, it aims at considering art as a guide towards new models in harmony with nature. For its third chapter, LagoAlgo presents Desert Flood. Inscribed in its DNA, the exhibition confronts us with the reality of a world that has become paradoxical. Around contemporary ecological issues, particularly water, essential resource and source of life as well as danger and potential destruction, the exhibition Desert Flood brings together the artists Claudia Comte (1983, Switzerland), Gabriel Rico (1980, Mexico) and SUPERFLEX (collective founded in 1993, Denmark), not as an umpteenth “wake up call” but in the perspective of an ecological thought in action.

-Jérôme Sans