Los Angeles, USA, 1976
Lives and works in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Eduardo Sarabia uses narrative as the raw material in his artwork. The language he has developed through the years, and his very personal aesthetic code, comes from his own life experience, but also from a type of fiction that is always accompanied by the construction of a story. Born in Los Angeles to Mexican parents, Sarabia’s work addresses the cultural impact of social phenomena and is permeated by his historical-geographical baggage. The autobiographical references in his works and series are developed to define his experimentation, but are suppressed or veiled to make way for an open interpretation and an emphasis on that which frames the cultural and social-political events in his life. This is most evident in his paintings: personal photographs that are covered by floral-like smears, that not only incite a tautological reflection, but also reference the inner stories that configure his reality, and a process with which we can all relate to, something hovering between oblivion, fiction and live memory.