Jose Dávila
Grava Suelta
November 09 – December 17, 2022

OMR is pleased to present Grava Suelta [Loose Gravel], Jose Dávila’s fourth solo exhibition at the gallery, where under a new body of work, the artist brings together ideas that have been circulating in his work for the last few years: form, memory, desire, liberation, registration, doubt and discovery. These become relevant through a review of the history of art and structural intuitions with the force of gravity. The past and the present are traversed through the search and the fight for a world where happiness -and beauty- can take place.

The new series of paintings deals specifically with a recurring theme worked on by artists such as Hilma af Klint, Walter Dexel, Willys de Castro and Sonia Delaunay: the circle. They are works that follow on a path already walked, using the graphic and pictorial history of the geometric form as the very raw material of the work.

Simultaneously intertwined, a new series of cut-outs derive from abstract paintings by Roy Lichtenstein.  The works of the American artist are meta, in the sense that they are paintings on the pictorial, and the cut-outs presented by Dávila are abstractions on the abstract: zoom-ins of Lichtenstein’s work, where the original trace disappears to leave only a suggestion of the origin.

The series of sculptures that Dávila presents at OMR focuses on themes that have been consistently prevalent throughout his career; a visual articulation of the force of gravity through precarious balance and a desire to draw attention to historical references in art. For Dávila, the world that surrounds us contains an infinity of geometric structures and sculpture must behave as an adhesive territory where not only weights are negotiated, but also the expressiveness of matter, fragility and hardness, resistance and adaptability, or the symbolic character of the present and the past, through the objects and the stories they represent.

Through his multidisciplinary approach to creation and perceptual investigation, Dávila immerses viewers in the carefully constructed, expansive, and geometric worlds for this exhibition.