Form Follows Energy
OMR with joségarcía ,mx
February 9 – August 16, 2022

Form follows energy is a maxim that conveys a reconnection with the logic of creation and consequently, through a chain reaction, traces the history of what we conceive as time, from the Big Bang (energy) to current life on Earth (form).

This implies that the shape of any reality is the result of the energy that has been set in motion. In architecture, for example, form follows energy applies to the relationship between energy and form in our built environment. The ceiling in the form of a hyperbolic paraboloid of this modernist building ––the central work of this exhibition–– is a perfect example of the optimization of energy flows in its structure. Just as the distribution of energy on its roof is what gives shape to the building, the energy we invested in this project is testament to the form it takes today.

In that same logic, the energy that we manifest towards the Earth is the one that transforms it. This becomes more evident if we reflect on our past as a species and our current destiny, in which the imbalance shows its first truly serious consequences.

If we shorten the history of the planet to 24 hours, the modern human being appears at the last moment of the day, just before midnight. However, in that tiny period, it has fragmented what vital energy, in its balance, took 4.6 billion years to form.

Reality is the result of a program that has governed our operating system to date: form follows function. If we are aware beyond the utilitarian function of this syllogism (that is, as a tool in functionalist design), it describes the path that we were unconsciously taking as the dominant species on Earth.

Form follows function is, to date, the premise of an individualistic species, which makes use of the planet as a controllable and extractable resource. Form follows energy, on the other hand, implies aligning oneself with the logic of creation and actively helping the next link in the chain of reactions to be in tune with vital energy.

This exhibition follows the logic of both syllogisms. Through the work of 27 artists, the show presents a sequence of symbolic moments that illustrate the point in which we find ourselves now, where we came from, and hints at opportunities to update our operating system.

The layout of the exhibition is cumulative from one thematic hub to the next, until completing a narrative where the traveler returns to the origin, transformed.

The first of these paths explores what we already know ––what has already happened, and invites us to delve into our memory.