Pia Camil
Ríe ahora, llora después
Temporarily Closed due to the developments around COVID-19
February 04 – April 04, 2020

In Ríe ahora, llora después (Laugh Now, Cry Later) title of her second solo exhibition in the gallery, Pia Camil presents a selection of drawings as her first autobiographical exhibition. As Gabriela Jauregui, author and friend of the artist, writes about this body of work, “What happens when this space, a space of clarity of thought, an expressive space, which Vivian Gornick describes as a shimmering rectangle, opens so wide it pours forth into being in the world? This is a personal process of thinking and coming into being, rather than a purely conceptual one. Porousness: there is risk, there is gut, and vulnerability. Boxes of pleasure. And pain.”